Sourdough danish pastries

Sourdough danish pastries
I followed Korena’s instructions┬áto make these Sourdough danish pastries..┬ádelicious and fun!
I just wonder if one can avoid putting the industrial yeast at all?


Week 3 – Making Sourdough Bread

This week I tried the washing of the culture that was too sour and I managed to make a mixed seed bread with the culture after 12 hours of proofing.

I started a new culture as well after the kilner jar broke and I was worried of glass shards in my bread.

The Challa 3 is the first result.

ImageImageThe question is how to keep the cultures over Shabbat… it seems the wrong thing to do to feed a culture during Shabbat, it seems appropriate to rest the culture in the fridge, but then it takes 12 hours to make it active again, so no bread till Sunday night.