Sourdough danish pastries

Sourdough danish pastries
I followed Korena’s instructions to make these Sourdough danish pastries.. delicious and fun!
I just wonder if one can avoid putting the industrial yeast at all?


One thought on “Sourdough danish pastries

  1. Korena in the Kitchen May 31, 2013 / 6:07 pm

    Hi Laura, your danish looks delicious! I’m so glad you tried the recipe, and I love the chocolate chips – great idea! I think the yeast is added mostly to insure a faster, more reliable rising time – sourdough is usually quite slow, and it would be inhibited even more by the fat in the dough. Also, more time = more sourdough flavour, which might not be what you want in a sweet pastry. Someone else commented on my post that they made 100% sourdough croissant dough (they forgot to add the yeast) and it took almost 20 hours to rise! So it’s possible without commercial yeast, but sloooooow… 😉

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