Calla Lily


I am having fun painting again, explopring watercolour, charcoal and iPad many ways to portray this beautiful flower.


‘A Bigger Picture’ by Hockney

Reading the book “A bigger picture ” conversations with David Hockney I collect little snippets quotations that catch my imagination and stimulate my thinking.

Here is last night’s thunder strike: ” being able to draw things, being able to put things in believable space; people who can’t draw very well can do that”.

I immediately thought I am one of those who can’t draw very well. I have not done enough of it. So I now want to start and I will draw 100 trees, or the same tree 100 times and see what happens! I have already started both on the iPhone and on paper by memory.

Thoughts on Hockney exhibition

I felt that he was drawing what I always wanted to draw. I can make sketchbooks, similar to his but then get disappointed because I don’t know how to progress from there. He has spent his life doing it with an amazing energy and the result is impressive.

I loved the iPad drawings the charcoal drawings and the films. And the theme of looking at the same place at different seasons, I always wanted to do that.

Where does this leave me? What can I do in my small self?  Does it have any purpose to draw on the iPad “like him?”