Monet gardens

The exhiMonetchrisanthemumsbition “Painting the modern garden. From Monet to Matisse” at the RA, made me uneasy. First there was a frustrating feeling that the curators were trying to show in a different angle paintings that we have seen in many other contexts. We all know how Monet gardens look like and how he painted them!

Then there were a bit too many horticultural details in the explanations, it wanted to be for RHS and RA customers at the same time (may be the demographics of the two kind of themes is the same!).

I wanted to look at it from the expression and technical point of view and the conceptual point of view, but may be the Royal Academy is too traditional for this.

While I was walking around I was annoyed by the mixture of painters and styles, because their leitmotiv was not the painting but the flowers and gardens.

It was not set out as a particular style of painting or a juxtaposition of different ones, the focus were houses and gardens across Europe around the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th.

I now would like to do a master in flower painting exploring all the techniques and styles of the past and developing my personal skills and style in that.


Courgette flowers

IMG_2606The season of courgette flowers has begun!

In my recipe book, that is coming out soon, I will have a few recipes to enjoy them, I give you here a preview:


10 courgette flowers

Flour 75 g

Corn flour 75

Bicarbonate of soda 1tsp

Very cold soda water 250 ml

Frying oil


Mix the flower with the water slowly until a batter consistency it obtained (like single cream).

Heat the oil in a small high sided pan

Take away the stamen from the flowers then dip the flowers one by one in the flour batter and put in the very hot oil for about 3 minutes until the batter is swollen and looks golden

Tip out onto a plate covered with kitchen towel to adsorb the excess oil and sprinkle with salt.