First courgettes (plants)!

I was worried because none of my seeds had sprouted, then a surprise! 4 lovely plants of courgettes have appeared, so now I transplanted them in bigger pots and one in the floor of the greenhouse, so more seeds are now ready to be put in the propagators.

It is a stressful moment when the seeds are not coming up, because the window is so short and  the plant would not produce in the Summer if they don’t sprout now.

I have continued the potato planting and the strawberry patch cleaning.


Spring is rushing me

Suddenly everything is growing, the grass, the weeds and even the vegetables.

I have started to clean the strawberry patch and move the plants to a new bed, Seeded more chard and beetroots in the same bed and some rocket. I transferred some salad in less crouded pots still in the greenhouse and my battle agaist snails and slugs has begun.

I have already changed the plot plan from the original

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A sunny Spring Sunday

1 and a half russet potato with sprouts. Slice...

This morning it is really warm and it feels like time to work the plot.

I cleaned the first bed for the potatoes and filled it with fresh compost and manure and then planted the Pink fir potatoes, but i left the rocket and the spinach growing in between.

Put desiree potatoes to chit.

With the advice of a nice Portuguese colleague at the allotment, I took the tomatoes from the window sill that were already growing the secondary leaves, into the greenhouse, divided them in individual pots and put them on the capillary mat protected by fleece.

There were also two plants of cucumbers.

Put seeds of corn and courgettes in individual propagators.

Last week and the kholrabi and cabbages and salad are sprouting.

‘A Bigger Picture’ by Hockney

Reading the book “A bigger picture ” conversations with David Hockney I collect little snippets quotations that catch my imagination and stimulate my thinking.

Here is last night’s thunder strike: ” being able to draw things, being able to put things in believable space; people who can’t draw very well can do that”.

I immediately thought I am one of those who can’t draw very well. I have not done enough of it. So I now want to start and I will draw 100 trees, or the same tree 100 times and see what happens! I have already started both on the iPhone and on paper by memory.

Thoughts on Hockney exhibition

I felt that he was drawing what I always wanted to draw. I can make sketchbooks, similar to his but then get disappointed because I don’t know how to progress from there. He has spent his life doing it with an amazing energy and the result is impressive.

I loved the iPad drawings the charcoal drawings and the films. And the theme of looking at the same place at different seasons, I always wanted to do that.

Where does this leave me? What can I do in my small self?  Does it have any purpose to draw on the iPad “like him?”